ASUS presents AiMesh to use better your old routers

ASUS just made a step forward for the brand and all its users. Besides of computer equipment or mobiles, this company also stomps firmly into the connectivity market, particularly regarding to routers and WiFi connectors. To expand the capacity of the models they already have on the market, ASUS brings to Spain AiMesh, a technology to create a mesh WiFi network.

Thanks to the interconnection between different routers in your home, you are able to enjoy the same WiFi network in all the house, withouth different names and passwords. Besides, with AiMesh the features of the most powerful and modern router that you have are extended to the rest of the ones you have in your house, even though they are older models.

To enjoy ASUS AiMesh you only need WiFi routers compatible with this technology, without it beeing necessary to buy a new one. Besides, even though you have differents models they will still working perfectly and guaranteeing the maximum speed and stability throughout the mesh network.

This technology is especially useful in big houses, since allows to avoid the gray areas in which there isn’t Internet connection. Traditional connection of the single router, only generates acceptable speed if you are close to the signal emisor router. With the mesh network this doesn’t happen.

If you want to have AiMesh, you have to update your router firmware to the last available version. Once you have done that, you can set up the network from the ASUS routers web interface or from its apps for mobiles.

This new ASUS technology is compatible with frequency of both 2,4 GHz and 5 GHz, the known as WiFi AC, an standard of connection which the last generation devices have and that is so fast like the cable.

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