The best security applications to protect your devices

If you want to maintain your security and privacy while using the internet from any device, you don’t need to be a hacker: the security of your mobile phone, PC or smart accessories is within your reach. Luckily, there are applications that take charge of simplifying processes which in reality are very complicated- like, for example, completely encoding an email. They are available to everyone and most of them are free.

These applications or security programs are mostly for Windows, which is by far the operating system that faces the most threats. Android might now be the most popular operating system in the world, but by its nature it still needs to evolve more in order to become the true target of malware and crackers: although when that happens, our data will be more exposed than ever.

Without further delay, let’s go ahead and list some of the essential security applications to protect your devices from external threats. Those which we will recommend to you are essential tools for any user who wants to have a 99% secure digital life (we know that 100% isn’t possible).

First, don’t forgot add an antivirus for your smartphone. then reading following:

  1. Passlock

We already said that encoding an email isn’t simple, but don’t worry: Passlock does it for you. Its operation is simple, since it is simply an email client- like in the past Outlook or even Thunderbird- that you install in Android, iOS, Firefox or Chrome, or that you use on the web. It gives you a password that you have to send to the recipient of your mail. Continue reading “The best security applications to protect your devices”

Amazon’s offers on BQ phones: Aquaris X Pro, Aquaris V and more

The holidays are over, but still there are phones to buy, and this is why we see a large number of sales these days. Today we bring you some offers on BQ phones, such as the Aquaris X Pro, Aquaris U and Aquaris V, that we found on Amazon.

BQ is one of the most prominent brands on the Spanish market nowadays, and the reason is that it makes really interesting mid-end phones for every user. The brand focuses on performance and software, which is something that many other brands do not do, and its support is one of the best that we can currently find on the Android world.

The entire BQ phone catalog is currently one of the most recommended. All of its devices are mid-range, but they have different labels, like the BQ Aquaris X Pro, which is the most powerful phone on BQ’s list, featuring one of the best cameras for a mid-range phone; we also see cheaper phones, like the BQ Aquaris U, meant for the mid-to-low range.

BQ phones’ reduced prices on Amazon

BQ Aquaris X Pro

This BQ Aquaris X Pro is the brand’s most powerful phone that has a quite premium design and a really good camera. We can also highlight some of its features, like its 8-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 626 and its 3 GB of RAM. This phone was launched on the market for €330 and right now we can find it on Amazon for €299.

BQ Aquaris V

This is one of the Chinese brand’s latest phones. In this case, we have a quite conservative phone that has a 5.2-inch screen, a Snapdragon 435 processor and a 12-megapixel camera. It was launched on the market for €200, but now we see its price being slightly reduced to €189 on Amazon.

BQ Aquaris U Lite

This is another of BQ’s low-cost phones that we can find on its catalog. It has a smaller screen than the one on the previous phones, standing at 5 inches, the same processor as the BQ Aquaris V, a not-so-premium design and 2 GB of RAM. Its launch price was €150 and right now it is €129.

BQ Aquaris U Plus

This is the last phone offer that we find today. It is the Plus model of the U lineup, which also has a 5-inch screen, a Snapdragon 430 processor and 2 GB of RAM. In this case, we have a 16-megapixel camera. We can buy it for €159, €40 less than its official price.