Final Fantasy XV for PC: Minimum requirements and launch date.

Already since August of last year we had known that there would be a PC version of Final Fantasy XV, for it was announced by NVIDIA itself given that they have collaborated in their development with Square Enix to bring some interesting exclusive news of this PC version. But now, and only four days after publishing the requirements of Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age, the final launch date has been published, as well as its minimum system requirements and recommendations, including the option of playing Final Fantasy XV in 4K and HDR. Below, we will tell you everything.

Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition (as it will be called) will officially be launched to the market on the 6th of March, and it will arrive with a new edition for PS4 and Xbox One: Royal Edition, an edition for which the consoles may have a certain equality with the PC users. Both editions contain the base game, all the content of a season pass, an extended map of the city of ruins of Insomnia, a ship (Royal Vessel, something like Royal Ship) controllable, an accessory to summon Arminger in battle, a camera mode in first person, more than a dozen DLC items, a mission to improve the Regalia to Type-D (quicker than the normal Regalia), and various other things of lesser importance.

Final Fantasy XV for PC: System requirements

As we said at first, the minimum requirements have also been published recommendations and for playing at 4K and HDR resolution with the new Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition, a version which already we have commented to you in the past, comes especially enhanced by NVIDIA and which has a great quantity of options which only the PC users will be able to enjoy. In any case, we have compiled all the system requirements in the same table so you can have it at hand and as such be able to buy.

As one can see, for the minimum requirements (to play at 720p) we are asking for a medium range equipment or even medium-low, because with a Core i5 of second generation and a GTX 760 it would be worth it to us. Things change if we want to play at Full HD resolution with the recommended settings, because now we are asking for an 8 core processor (well, eight wires in Intel’s case) with nothing less than 16 GB of RAM and a graphics card which is medium range.

To play at 4K resolution and HDR we are very nearly at top of the line equipment (it falls short, but without doubt of high range), because we ask for a i7 Core 7700 or a Ryzen 6 1600X and, interestingly, a GeForce GTX 1080 Ti nothing more and nothing less. Furthermore, the textures in high resolution occupy a fair amount of space, it requires 55 GB more disc space.

Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition favors NVIDIA users

We already commented in the past and at the start of this article: NVIDIA has collaborated with Square Enix for the development of this version which aims to be very far from the “port” that we are familiar with up to now, and that incorporates a series of news which, logically, are exclusively for users of NVIDIA graphics cards.

Among these we will find the interesting Ansel technology (which allows stopping the game and changing the camera and the visualization parameters to take some incredible images), but also the rest of the brands technologies: Flow, HairWorks, Hybrid Frustum Traced Shadows, Turf Effects, Voxel Ambient Occlusion. In the same way, Square Enix contributes by adding the Luminous Engine technology, which adds new visual effects which, according to their own words, created the most beautiful open world environment that exists.

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