How to configure your screen for HDR on Windows 10

One of the most popular terms when we talk about multimedia content, either it be videos, photos or games, is HDR. A term that video, photography and games lovers surely know well, but that can be unknown for other users. The acronym for HDR correspond to High Dymanic Range, wich is related to more realistic images and the capacity to show colors and constrasts between them in a better way. This technology achieves a greater difference between the most brilliant and darkest points of an image. If you want to enjoy of this type of content in your computer, we are going to show how to configure your screen for HDR in Windows 10.

Before all, we have to say that for configuring our scren for HDR, the screen really has to be compatible with this technology, if not we won’t be able to configure it in any way. But if it’s compatible, then we just have to follow the steps we’ll show you to see all kinds of HDR content in Windows 10.

Steps to configure your screen for HDR in Windows 10

It is about an adjustment that Microsoft incorporated into its operating system lastest version and that we can find inside the Settings page of Windows 10. So, the first we are going to do is to open the system settings and navigate to the Apps option. Once there, we have to click on the menu option that is shown at the left of the window, Video Playback.

Now, on the right part of the Windows 10 settings page we are going to find the adjustment for the video playback on the system. There we will find the HDR video sequence, that will be shown as disable if our screen ins´t compatible with HDR video. If this is not the case, we just have to slide the switch to the ON position and this is how we will be configurating our screen for HDR in Windows 10.

If with this, we still seeing that we are not receiving HDR video, then we must check the video app is playing on fullscreen in HDR screen, that our tablet is plugged on, since of by default the HDR video only activates if the device is plugged in and battery saving is desabled.

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