Skip intros and block spoilers in Netflix with this Chrome extension

If you are a Netflix addict and you usually whatch movies and series on your computer’s browser, take notes because it is available a Google Chrome extension which offers some interesting additional functions. It is called Super Netflix, it is developed by SubFlicks and among other things it allows you to skip the series intros, block spoilers or control the image quality.

To install Super Netflix on your browser, get into the Chrome Web Store through this link and click the Add to Chrome button to obtain  it for free. Once you do this, you will be able to start benefiting from extra features in your Windows or Mac computer.

One of the most interesting functions of this Chrome extension for Netflix is that it allows you to select in a quickly and simple way the bit rate for your transmission. This option highly simplifies the adjustment proccess for the quality video, which is now available by only clicking on the Super Netflix icon on the toolbar.

The option to automatically skip the series intro is very useful for not losing your time playing this part everytime you start to watch a new episode. You can activate this function by selecting the Skip intro on the dropdown, and once it’s done you will no longer have to click on the Skip button on each episode.

Another of the Super Netflix more outstanding features is that offers the posibility to block spoilers. To do that, the extension applies a layer to blur the thumbnails and the descriptions of the following episodes, so that, for example, if they show a character that had died on a previous episode you won´t be able to see it.

These are the more useful functions of this Chrome extension for Netflix, but not the only ones. It also allows you to upload personalized subtitles, offers 5 modes to change the brightness,saturation and contrast, volume can be controlled with the mouse wheel and it offers a few keyboards shortcuts.

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